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Aviation Services

MxCare is one of the largest providers of aviation services in the region. We have a proven track record of maximizing effectiveness by supplying reliable ground support, which makes us a leading trusted partner.

Aircraft Cleaners - carry out aircraft cleaning activities (interior-exterior) for maintaining high-standard hygiene and appearance

Aircraft Team Leaders - monitor, execute and check all aircraft cleaning activities (interior & exterior)

Cabin Service Assistants - primarily assume the role of Senior Aircraft Cleaner, managing and supervising staff

Aircraft Polishers - are in-charge of perfecting the cleaning of critical external areas of the aircraft to meet the aesthetic ideals

Baggage Loaders - load and unload baggage at multiple locations –all in line with standards and work instructions from Team Leader or Supervisor

Cargo Loaders - load and unload cargo/mail/courier Unit Load Devices (ULD)/baggage carts/baggage belts at multiple locations

Forklift Operators - carry out all forklift tasks in the Cargo Terminal assigned manually or by an automated system.

Wheelchair Attendants - provide wheelchair assistance and courteous service to all passengers with special needs departing, arriving, or connecting from flights.

Terminal Cleaners - are tasked to carry out and execute cleaning activities in different areas of the airport.

Drivers - carry out all logistical tasks as assigned manually or by automated systems.

Other Aviation Services

Runway Rubber Removal - MxCare facilitates the removal of rubber that has adhered to the runway surface at the touchdown zone which, particularly in wet conditions, can greatly reduce braking efficiency.

Airport Road Sweeping - MxCare carries out daily maintenance and checks on the allocated machine, reporting any defects. Also, part of our service is emptying and washing out sweepings as well as driving and operating the machine safely around the airport areas.

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